Zonder Gargamel

groupshow: ‘Absolut Search’
Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam
September 1st - October 1st 2006
The ‘Absolut Search’ exhibition is featured around the theme ‘invasion’. People and products have been invading the world for many centuries. Building cities, inventing the most forward electronics, ways of communicating and consuming have invaded our lives.

‘Zonder Gargamel’ (zonder is Dutch for without) was my featured work in the exhibition.
Artists, who claim the streets for their artistic expression, can been seen as an invasion as well. Today street art is an acknowledged art form, which shows the different creative expressions of many artists around the world. This illegal form of art is often done with spraycans.

Over the last few years artists have been experimenting with different materials like using stencils, creating posters, mosaics or woodcuts.

Works of many national (like myself and the HuMobisten) and international artists were exhibited.
Many thanks to: Fleur Kolk
photo’s: Frank Hanswijk