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Rotterdam 2040

a film by Gyz La Rivière
Trailer & new website!
directed by: Gyz La Rivière
coming soon in 2012!
Rotterdam 2040 will be a film about the city’s future, departing from the principle of Gyz La Rivière that you can not look ahead without considering your past (something that hasn’t always been Rotterdam’s strongest feature). At high speed, La Rivière reconstructs the history of Rotterdam from the time before the bombings until now, and expands the developments to the year 2040 (100 years after the bombing and the 700th anniversary of the city).

La Rivière made a specific choice to expose his personal vision, which is sometimes radical or a little absurd. So no experts and no talking heads, but an assault of old and new imagery, held together by La Rivière as the narrator of the film.
The book ‘Rotterdam 2040’ (which was released in 2010) can be regarded as research for the film. The ideas of La Rivière are further elaborated. Besides, film creates more ways to tell a story and reach a new audience. The book was well received and is currently sold-out. In the slipstream of the book, much enthusiasm arose for the film.

Although Rotterdam 2040 deals with architecture and urban renewal, it is actually a film about people. The subjective experience of the city by its (future) occupants mainly determines the parade of architectural blunders and suggestions for the future. All tongue-in-cheek of course.