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March 2005
Mike de Geus VIDEO!
decorated space VIDEO!
want to see me skate?
invitation (HuMobisten, 2004)
Fret Click logo by Parra

Fret Click The Party

[I]organization & decorating (HuMobisten, 2005)
client: Nike SB
Locus 010, Rotterdam
April 23rd 2005
In April 2005 the Nike Fret Click shoe came out. It’s really weird. Since I was a teenager I’ve been part of that ‘clan’ that now have a signature shoe added to their resume. In the past you had to be Michael Jordan, but time has changed...
In 2005 we did it! Together with all the (old) Frets. Man, what a party! I am so glad to have seen my old ‘clan’. It has been a while ago, that we’ve been together. It’s priceless! Hopefully you, Jermaine can read this somewhere online. We missed you over there!

The pictures (on the right) shows how we, ‘the HuMobisten’, decorated the space together with those guys from Magwick from Germany. The pictures shows the space before the crowd came in.
I am happy that we have organised it and tributed a good time for the Frets. We did it for you, you know who you are.
remember landing a trick once in your life
remember party’s at the Melkweg
remember Huphtur
remember the train to Rotterdam
remember the train to Amsterdam
remember watching Hokus Pokus over and over
remember too many color combinations
remember too many opinions
remember fast forwarding the vert parts
remember getting those Ben Davis
remember the free last hour in Third Floor
remember building our own train tickets
remember going to London for a special sneaker
remember Tienertoer
remember freeloading
remember hating on good skaters
remember good skaters hating on us
remember RAI
remember Weena
remember doing switch tricks for the first time
remember when crooked grinds where tech
remember never landing anything at contests
remember us having the best times of our lives
remember Mike de Geus
photo’s: Rud-gr, Gyz La Rivière and the Fret Click