TENT., Rotterdam
September 9th - November 15th 2009

Gothic Modernist Tendencies

approx 240 cm. x 225 cm.
This autumn the Rotterdam exhibition space TENT. celebrates its tenth anniversary and presents the jubilee event BLURRR from 9 September to 15 November 2009. TENT. reveals a new cultural practice in which the young artist goes beyond the borders of different disciplines and presents him/herself as homo universalis 2.0.
Ever since the renaissance, artists have adopted the position of jack-of-all-trades and their work involves more fields than just that of visual art. And yet, thanks to the possibilities of the Internet, it seems that multitasking has become the most important basis for the practice of art without being noticed. Artists are simultaneously a performer, singer or designer. They work alternately in collectives, duos and groups. They share their knowledge or work on social network sites such as Facebook, Hyves or MySpace and assign the public an active role in their work. With BLURRR, TENT. poses the question: What consequences does this have for their artistic practice and how will this movement continue further? And how should the exhibition space relate to artists who constantly choose a new form of presentation?

The Society of the Spectacle

mixed media (HuMobisten, 2008)
200 cm. x 150 cm.

Yellow Pages Series

28 screenprints / zeefdrukken
42 cm. x 29,7 cm.
At the opening of BLURRR the HuMobisten did a performance called ‘We zijn weer boos!’ (We’re mad again!) about the fact that being angry becomes increasingly harder as we ourselves become more and more understanding. Maybe too much so even.

We zijn weer boos!

performance (HuMobisten, 2009)
videostills We zijn weer boos!: Max Maas
photos exhibition: Gyz La Riviere & Frank Hanswijk