Love, Design, Delirium

various works (HuMobisten, 2008)
groupshow: ‘Love, Design, Delirium’
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, Austria
May 30th - July 26th 2008
Love, Design Delirium explores the breadth of a generation that nourishes itself on humour, naivety, poetry and play, combined with a strong belief in the power of ‘the scenius’; the creative drive of individuals in a group. Their visual language is characterized by a personal notion, which simultaneously reflects universal human actions.

Absurd and sensitive, the works excel in conveying a love of life and compassion for the surroundings. In a hectic, product-oriented and media-controlled society, such an agile ability to put things into perspective is essential, a true elixir of life that keeps us alert: Yes! Live! Do it!

The Society of the Spectacle

mixed media (HuMobisten, 2008)
200 cm. x 150 cm.


performance (HuMobisten, 2005 / 2008)
videostills Parting: Pieter Vos
photo The Society of the Spectacle: Gyz La Riviere