3 YouTube videos design (HuMobisten, 2008)
client: Rotterdamse dansgezelschappen
April 2008
May 17 there’s something called the DANSNACHT (night of dance) in Rotterdam, it’s a sort of museum night, yet focussed on (modern) dance. There’s lots to experience like workshops, bands, DJ’s and what have you, but of course centre of attention are performances by all participating dance gesellshafts. They are: Connie Janssen Danst, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Dance Works, Meekers Uitgesproken Dans (ironically enough HuMobisten nominee for best name of an institution ever!) and Dans Ateliers. All taking place at the good old Rotterdamse Schouwburg.
They asked us to come up with some YouTube stuff, so we made them not one, not two, not four, but THREE whole short ’videos’. All different in style and meaning, yet somehow all of the following clips are about a certain universal human need to dance. Let’s not think of how dancing is sometimes really easy and at other times extremely humiliating -your own and that of others- and stay focussed on the joy of dancing as portrayed in our clip LOVE TO DANCE, or see how all humans no matter if they’re from Germany or India are at some primitive level connected by a simple common time (or 4/4) signature in WEAST. MARKTONDERZOEK (market research) is about something altogether different, or is it?
text: Rufus Ketting