GZA software

free downloadable VJ-tool
released in January 2006

Step into a world of MX50’s, video loops, video ‘hangovers’ and stuff that’s especially funny when played backwards. GZA software takes you into the weird world of VJ-ing.

GZA software is a way to broadcast full PAL or NTSC – which means ‘the full size of your TV screen’ – looped playbacks, real time; with firewire output. Simply slide your selected movie-clips in the herefore designed ‘box’ and watch ’em go.

gza_v.0.3 is made by Gideon Kiers and me.
gza_v.0.3 works best with OSX tiger.

GZA jewelry

‘Das ist ein Hund’ necklace
‘Mario Bling’ necklace
released in August 2006

The GZA software corporation is proud to present their new firm: GZA jewelry. GZA jewelry features silver jewelry in a variety of themes and types. The fine GZA jewelry company starts off with the ‘Das ist ein Hund’ necklace and the ‘Mario Bling’ necklace.