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Art is Arrogant... in 2012?

Kunst Is Arrogant... (Art Is Arrogant And We Like To Keep It That Way)

stickered statement (HuMobisten, 2003)
groupshow: Spielhalle
Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam
February 25th - April 21st 2003
(sticker was there untill August 2004)
In 1963 Dutch conceptual artist Wim T. Schippers emptied a bottle of (Green Spot) lemonade in the North Sea and called this action a work of art, simultaneously declaring the concept to be a legitimate art form. Manifestatie aan het strand te Petten (demonstration on Petten Beach) had become a fact, solely due to Schippers’ arrogance. Thank goodness for such attitudes. The HuMobisten want to play their small part in the maintenance of conceptual art in Rotterdam. Especially in an era of large scale political exertion, where politicians decide art should be more involved in community-friendly projects and certainly not at all in objects that might shock people. The HuMobisten have the feeling that Walt Disney has taken over the world and has just declared the work of our long time heroes like Marcel Duchamp, Yves Klein or Gilbert & George worthless and forbidden. Ok, conceptual art isn’t for all of us, but the same goes for volleyball, philately, opera, cars or holidays at Club Med. It’s all just a matter of taste.
photo’s: Frank Hanswijk, Hester Blankestijn & Jaap Rozema / Rotterdams Dagblad