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Rotterdam Exposure card
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Corporate Eye™ in 2006?
Corporate Eye™ in 2003?

The Corporate Eye™

installation (HuMobisten, 2003)
groupshow: RE 04
Boijmans van Beuningen museum
September 10th - 12th 2004
Museums are often vast and immaculate because of the arts’ number one function: contemplation. Kind of easy, don’t you think?

Contemplation means ‘forget the rind and focus on the content’ (kind of like meditation). The place art is exposed most often, besides museums and galleries, is the business district. Employees of big companies whether they like it or not, are more often exposed to contemporary art than most museum curators. Because of its’ contemplative character employees are bound to work more focussed, while feeling good about their daily surroundings. Plus there’s the thing of the fiscal benefit.
Yup, art’s one hell of a tax write-off.

If art (especialy that of the painted or photographed kind) is shown most frequently in office buildings why don’t museums move their offices to the exhibition space? There can be a lot of exhibitions in the former museum offices, and this will create loads of free space for extra exhibitions. Of course this wouldn’t be a desirable situation. One has to be able to observe art without being bothered by coffee mugs, desktops and noisy computers.

The HuMobisten find it still interesting enough to present an exhibition in an office situation inside an actual art space. Now we can see how ridiculous art in an office situations really is, and finally start our long planned painting carreers. You’ll see that it will bring you a very special ‘look experience’.
photo’s: Frank Hanswijk