‘Sonic Spocht IV’ Lebbeus Woodstock

audiosculpture (HuMobisten, 2004)
groupshow: CityCityBangBang
Showroom MAMA & Huis Sonneveld
July 15th - 25th 2004
On behalf of the surrealistic character of Lebbeus Woods work, the HuMobisten decided to make an audiosculpture that lies between a radio play, a regular radio show and a music piece. We’re gonna modelling audio like clay. Modelling with clay is nothing else then putting pieces of audio on pieces of audio and leaving other pieces of audio out other pieces of audio.

In a certain way our sculpture tells as much about audio, as Lebbeus Woods architecture tells about architecture, and facts like function and form are rather themes then the object in view. If such an audiosculpture actually has to be made is naturally the next question. In the spirit of Woods, a schematic presentation and an argument about sound would be enough. As a result it will give a lot of thoughts to audio-experts.

Fortunately the HuMobisten are real workers.
Out of curiosity, instead of ‘on demand’ the HuMobisten will (with the help of J.S. Rozendaal) make a piece that refers to the work of L. Woods, dealing with a corrupted starting position and a moving monster.
We made this audiosculpture specially for the exhibition ‘City City Bang Bang’ in Showroom MAMA in coop with the NAI.
photo’s: Jasper v/d Made & J.S. Rozendaal