performance (HuMobisten, 2005)

client: Platform / MOPE 05
Vasa City Arthall, Finland
September 24th 2005

client: Kruizenga en Wannenmacher
Salon Las Palmas, Rotterdam
July 1st 2005
On saturday september the 24th the HuMobisten did the ‘Parting’ performance in the Vasa City Arthall, (Vasa Finland) on performance festival MOPE05 (Movement to Performance 05), where earlier (in the year 2002) they’ve been performing their legendary ‘Come Closer and Ask Me for a Dance’ performance.

But we first did it on July 1st where our latest romantic blast in art history, our installation / performance entitled ‘Parting’ had their debut.
As part of the very last Salon Las Palmas, appropriately entitled ‘Leaving Las Palmas’.
Parting - THE BLUES
Parting evidently sucks. Parting is loss. Parting means burying someone. Parting is about sorrow
and emotions you never even knew existed. Parting means distance. Parting means letting go. Parting is admitting to the past. Parting can be capricious. Parting is psychotic. To part eventually is a lonely experience. Parting is leaving. Parting means drinking a helluvalot. Parting comes when you least expect it. Parting is tough. Parting is playing a preordained game: check mate. Parting is a destructive confirmation. Parting makes time stand still. Parting causes nostalgia. Parting makes miracles happen, because parting causes vulnerability.

Parting - THE SOUL
Parting is weird and plain ordinary. Parting frees you. Parting hurts. Parting pays off. Parting concludes. Parting defines the future. Parting is a transparent wall; you can’t go back, yet you can look back. Parting can be postponed sometimes. Actual parting clarifies intended parting. Parting takes time, but even an intended parting is a genuine one. The actual parting takes place in a split second. Parting affirms our urge for renewal. Parting can be romanticized, because it is such a part of life. Parting provides the most beautiful compassion. Parting is about ‘two’, not ‘one’. Parting is of all people.
photo’s: Roel van Tour, S. Kass and H. Lunabba
videostills: Tuomo Väänänen