We zijn weer boos!

performance (HuMobisten, 2009)
groupshow: ‘Eshu Etaeb’
Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, Finland
April 27th 2011
Our performance ‘We zijn weer boos!’ (We’re mad again!) is about being angry becoming increasingly harder for us (HuMobisten) as we ourselves become more and more understanding. Maybe too much so even.
On the one hand it’s of course really great to not get excited anymore about all the ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ or just ‘obnoxious’ stuff happening around us, but on the other hand we sometimes feel like zoo animals totally alienated from what they once (at least genetically) were. Wild, untamable beasts. In a way this performance is about the quiet life and its ups and downs.
Accompanied by a childrens song(text) given new texts by the HuMobisten. Translated in Finnish by Tuomo Väänänen.