Greetings from Rotterdam

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Stockholm, Sweden
February 18th - 20th 2011
SCF - Sverige Club Feyenoord
Two Swedish heroes in Rotterdam on two badges. Ove Kindvall and Henke Larsson both played for the Rotterdam football club Feyenoord. They are very beloved over here, and in fact the Feyenoord fans still think Ove Kindvall is the best foreward the club ever had.
Jamin Crooswijk Chocolate Factory
In 1870 Cornelis Jamin opened a chocolate store in Rotterdam. In 1908 there were already 50 Jamin stores in Rotterdam. The factory was in the Rotterdam-area named Crooswijk. Eventually in 1972 the last remaining part of the Jamin-factory moved out of Rotterdam. Everybody in Holland knows Jamin. But almost nobody knows or remembers that Jamin comes originally from Crooswijk. That’s why I made especially for you some Jamin chocolates, which are manufactured in Crooswijk again.