NL - The Dutch Cultural Pop-Up Space

The Dutch Cultural Pop-Up Space, London
May 7th - June 5th 2010
NL - The Dutch Cultural Pop-Up Space in London is an exhibition and project space in central London that presents the full spectrum of Dutch creative culture - from art and design to fashion and architecture- to a London audience.
The Little Red Book Series
De HuMobisten -aka Gyz La Riviere & Rufus Ketting- have a long-term collaborative practice as artists, cultural organisers and designers. Additionally, La Riviere and Ketting produce individual bodies of work. Variously involved in bands, underground party scenes and the street culture scenes -such as skateboarding- in Rotterdam, where they live and work, both produce works that often draw on these influences and reinterpret them through a more conceptual. However, each has his own particular style and approach.
Tesla and Rotterdamsche Knakendisco flyers, and We’re mad again performance video.
In the joint work of de HuMobisten -whether as artists or more commercial graphic designers- there is always an underlying conceptual approach, almost always with an absurdist, punky feel to its modes of operation, perhaps most recently evidenced in the registration of a performance work in Rotterdam where a popular children’s character (a bear) and its signature tune are reworked as absurdist cabaret. With a title that roughly translates as ‘We’re Angry Again’, the performance saw one of the Humobists dressed in a bear costume singing to the well-known song; replacing the usual lyrics with clever twists in the traditional style of political cabaret to comment on everything from social exclusion to terrorism.

a broad range of examples of their individual and joint creative outputs, ranging from a documentary film about a local skateboarding gang to a series of screen-prints by La Riviere, to a conceptual rap video and print works by Ketting.
screenshots by Paul van den Hout
more coming soon...