‘HuMobiza 2005’
performance (HuMobisten, 2005)
performancefestival: Points d’impact
Piano Nobile, Genève, Switzerland
July 1st 2006

The first weekend in July we did the performance ‘HuMobiza 2005’ again, but this time in 2006. The performance festival ‘Points d’impact’ was ‘happening’ in this venue called Usine Kugler, and was organised by Espace Piano Nobile. It was fun! But if you go to Genève someday, watch out for the Genèvse Kikvors. I know we did, laughter.
video 11 mins. (HuMobisten, 2005)
screening: ‘Off Screen’
Zaal de Unie, Rotterdam
April 7th 2006

Also the video ‘HuMobiza’ had a screening at Off Screen, with Q&A.
video 11 mins. (HuMobisten, 2005)
groupshow: ‘Ipod Killed the Videostar’
Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam
February 17th - April 9th 2006

The only island to beat the postcard
My lonely island, sweet HuMobiza

In the 1980s, the pop video truly arrived as a media form. With the advent of media providers such as MTV teenagers rushed home to watch the latest offerings of Madonna, The Cure and Ultravox.

The international exhibition ‘IPod Killed the Videostar’ takes the pop video – and the inevitable boredom with the pop video – as its starting point and examines the way in which some contemporary artists are creating works that have a lineage to this first wave of video.

Some create a dialogue between the original pop video form and art history, others examine the impact of ‘underground’ music culture on mass visual culture. Or they examine the impact of mass-consumed, hand-held entertainment: video games, mobile communications and unstable media.