solo-screening: ‘HuMobiza’
video 11 mins. (HuMobisten, 2005)
The Agency Gallery, London
August 1st - September 1st 2007
They call themselves serious pranksters who make art and design that is mostly about themselves and the absurd world around them. Subcultural identity is at the centre of the HuMobisten work, ‘HuMobiza’. However, here, the live moment is far less of interest than a subculture’s music and video culture, more specifically, the music and video culture of Ibiza rave. On the simplest level, the work is a puerile parody, covering not dissimilar ground to their ‘porn droid’ video in which the cultures of sci-fi and pornography were parodied. But if other work is largely occupied with the actual live expressions of members of a subculture -their living moments- then the HuMobisten are concerned with their residues, the objects they leave behind them.
Relying on the same vein of irreverent, arguably nihilistic, humour of Bas Jan Ader or Gilbert & George, the HuMobisten have constructed a manipulated artefact of the Ibiza rave culture. They have written a bangin’ dance track and filmed a video, partly, in the milieu drug-influenced visual language associated with the house refugees who flock to the Balearics. Or wish they could whilst actually flocking to some deserted warehouse in Kortrijk, Bournemouth or Bielefeld.