Double Dutch

mixed media (HuMobisten, 2007)
200 cm. x 150 cm.
groupshow: ‘RE:KOLONIZACJA’
Municipal Gallery Arsenal, Poznan, Poland
April 13th - May 6th 2007
The main aim of the RE:COLONIZATION exhibition is a meeting of Polish audience with contemporary Dutch art, is revealing this art as vital and manifold phenomenon. We hope to enrich based on several stereotypes effigy of the Netherlands and its culture in Poland and to render service to communication and ideas exchange beetwen Poland and the Netherlands in the fine arts terrain.
Idea of the project is from the one side based on an irronical refference to the stereotype of the Dutch history, and from the other side on a refference to an ambigous meaning of a prefix ‘Re’. It is not an intention of the exhibition inventors to call in question the Netherlands as a symbol of tolerant and neutral nation. It is also not an intention to criticize its past politics. The word ‘colonization’ reffered to the Netherlands is understood as a provocative tool of contemporary world description (and as an indication of a confined freedom places, as well in a geopolitics, as in economy sphere, in language, media, life style and ways of thinking). Colonization notion is also thought as a term of an exhibition - expansed in a great part of the city sphere, not only closed in a gallery space, but present also on a Poznan street and in popular clubs.
Poland is postcomunist / postcolonial state, but the exhibition explores a colonization fantasy - colonization never ealier known - during time of an exhibition Dutch art will colonize the city Poznan and its cultural offer.

The ‘Re’ prefix means both: restoring of the past and in the same time an answer on this and its reinterpretation. For a RE:COLONIZATION slogan - indicated theme of an exhibition, Dutch artists answer is their description and experience of ambigous and colonized by a television, free market and English language - contemporary world.