International Breakdance Event

breakdance festival
Concept by Marcel Haug, DJ Alien and me
Nighttown, Rotterdam
May 28th, 29th and 30th 1998
In May of 1998 the first Dutch International Breakdance Event was organised in Nighttown, Rotterdam. The four elements of hip-hop: Breakdance, MC-ing, DJ-ing and Graffiti were represented in a three-day festival representing seven countries. Breakdance crews were: Storm & Battle Squad from, South Side Rockers, Unique Wizzards, Rock Maniacs, Flying Steps and Battle Rox from Germany, Turn it Loose, 010 B-Boys, All Star Breakers, Just 4 Fun from Holland, Ykanji and Extreme from France, Crazy Force Crew from Switzerland. DJ s and Rappers were: Dj Alien, Amo-lab, Mc Brainpower, Desperados, Committee Gunmen, TDLC, Justice, De Gekste NUA, Verbal Edge, Shy Rock, Headliners, Zombie Squad, DCO, DJ Dubz, DJ Cut Nice, DJ Precise, DJ Bootsy Paul. Graffiti Artists were: Swet, Can2, Mode2, Rew, Delta, Zedz, Ces53, Penis, Blis, Bez, Oase, Pone, Dubs, Shek, Dush, Krizis, Egha and a Lecture by Quik. The concept of the festival was by Marcel Haug, Matthieu Stokman and Gyz La Riviere
invitation (design: 75B)