everyone can Stop A Riot

publication (HuMobisten, 2001)
client: Hard Pop / Showroom MAMA
Hard Pop book
May 2001
Met ‘everyone can Stop A Riot’ rebelleren Gyz en Rufus.K tegen kapitalisme en ambtenarij als gereedschap van multinationals. Uitgegeven als twee spreads in het eerder genoemde ‘Hard Pop’ boek
During the previous Euro 2000 Football Champion-
ship it was made impossible for the common visitor to attend the games wearing a Grolsch tee or Heineken hat. Even if you were their biggest fan. These championships were amongst others sponsored by Carlsberg, who did not allow people
to wear other beer-serving brands to the stadium.

The HuMobisten think of this as a rather dangerous situation. Soon you’ll be wearing yellow trousers only to enter the zoo (just because they will be sponsored by Chiquita Bananas), or you can’t leave the house at night without wearing your Philips ‘glow in the dark’ overcoats, just because they happen to pay for the streetlights. And so on and so on...

A more recent example is that of the motion picture ‘Asassins’ by the French director Matthieu Kassovitz, known from his movie Hate (La Haine). The movie never played in US theatres or homebase France. Odd, you might say... not really, we think giving the fact that Asassins displays a morbid view on Nike and Sony Playstations’ impact on everyday life. Draw your own conclusions, so will we...

Riots in Seattle and more recently in Prague (a.k.a. ‘the Second battle of Seattle’) against rising capitalist power are a fine display of people’s growing dismay against the International Monetair Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation (WTO). All over the world (young) people are angry with the current situation and raise their flags up high. The modern day consumer seems fed up with constantly increasing globalisation and the fact that smalltime companies must ‘bow to their masters’.

Quality of goods and the possibilty of making your own choices gain territory in a world driven by the concept of money-making. This isn’t quite strange, concerning the multinationals (the new untouchables) start acting more and more like ‘Big Brothers’ who now are trying (after years of marketing and indoctrination through their carefully set up media scam) to get involved in the lifestyle of the consumer in a most unpleasant way.

The HuMobisten feel that Microsoft and Coca-Cola should get it out in the open and reveal the true nature of the powers they have. Why not show us they got their own police force they can use at will and hook ’em up with their logos. For example, imagine a riot squad wearing the General Motors logo. That would at least be fair to the rioters, who are finally able to recognize their true opponents.

At the same time, this spread is a big lie. Gyz and Rufus.K are just guessin’ around and don’t know the exact truth on this subject. Right now they have a big mouth and are kinda doing their ‘We know it all better than you guys’ routine, but we know for a fact that Rufus.K is the proud owner of two pairs of Nike shoes and Gyz occasionally is telling indian stories about his first pair of ’em (size 1). Gyz and Rufus.K are right now looking for possibilities to get money from all the bold printed companies discussed in this manifest.