broadcast by NOS, Netherlands public television
(NOS Teletext pages 450 - 455)
Lektrolab, Microtel teletext programs
January 26th - February 5th 2006

I always liked teletext and I always will..
I totally like the concept of the channel behind the channel. If you can follow me.

During the Film Festival over here, you could make teletext. On the picture above you can see what I did, laughter..

I don’t know if you have ever seen Videodrome? Snuff TV broadcast called Videodrome. That film was dope. I remember there was this guy (O’blivion) in the film that only wants to be on tv (like an interview for example) in a tv. For example: Sometimes in talkshows there is a guest from prison, so he can’t be there in the studio, so they use a sattelite. Then you see the guest on tv in a tv, understand? Well this guy (O’blivion) only wanted to appear like that. I thought that was Awesome. It was his signature.. This way he don’t actually exists on TV.

This (on the picture above) was my teletext creation, and this station called Microtel put it on the Telly. The station managers were artists Emma Davidson [Lektrogirl] and Paul B. Davis from Lektrolab.
Microtel teletext programs were broadcast by NOS, Netherlands public television (NOS Teletext pages 450 - 455).

Microtel was one of the projects curated by as part of VBI [voluptuously blinking eye] - a submission for the exhibition ‘Satellite of Love’. This project was presented by the 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam in association with Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and the TENT Centre for Visual Arts. The station runned from January 26th to February 5th 2006.